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La Busana (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

We, La Busana produce various kinds of orders uniform shirts or promotional uniforms

In working on the product, we adjust the materials according to your wishes. Usually in one type of product there are various choices of models, materials and manufacturing techniques that will determine the price and quality of the material itself. Economic prices and quality have become our responsibility as your partners.

If you or your company wants to make T-shirts for event t-shirts, promotional shirts, seminar shirts and so on, we will help you to make t-shirts for various designs of t-shirts according to your wishes directly from the factory so that the price is economical with good quality and on time

Contact us:

Jl Satria IV No. 11 Rt 012 Rw 01, North Jakarta 14420

La Clothing: 0812-9996-606

La Clothing: 0813-8082-8703

La Clothing: 021-6471-3276

Email: Robbyreredy@gmail.com

Fax: 021-6406441


La Busana memproduksi berbagai jenis pemesanan kaos dan kemeja. Kami melayani jasa pembuatan produk-produk seperti: Kaos Seragam, Kemeja Andre Michel, Kaos Andre Michel, Kemeja Seragam, Kaos Lengan Panjang, Kemeja Polos, Seragam Kerja, Seragam Kantor, Kemeja Kantor, Kaos Polos, Kemeja Kerja, Kemeja Panjang dan lainnya.


Jl. Satria IV No 11 Rt 012/01 (Sebrang Mangga Dua Square) Jakarta Utara 14420 Jakarta Utara 14420
DKI Jakarta , Indonesia



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